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How to hunt Turkeys: "The Walk Away"

Posted by Dirk Durham on
How to hunt Turkeys: "The Walk Away"

Who is hunting pressured birds? It's not unusual when hunting pressured birds to have one come in and stay just out of range and out of sight but gobble his head off. Most turkey hunters will continue to call, or sit in the same place hoping he will make an appearance. My favorite tactic in this situation is to sneak away keeping out of sight and do minimal calling at the most every 30 yards like a hen that is leaving. Sometimes only kick leaves with your foot and if he continues to gobble continue to walk away doing the same thing until you're at least 100 yards away. Then, sit down right there and wait for him. Maybe make one light feeding noise before shutting up and waiting for him to show. Works great! Try it next time you're out chasing gobblers. 

Author- John Weik, Northwest Spur Chasers

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