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How to hunt Turkeys: The "Rope-A Dope

Posted by Dirk Durham on
Successful turkey hunting strategies

Yes I know, this may not be your traditional boxing play, but we have used it many times with great success. With all things considered, I decided to name it the "rope-a-dope", which I think it fits pretty well.


You've worked a hot bird within range and just as you squeeze off the shot he drops his head for a complete miss! Maybe he gobbled his way into view, but isn't happy with what he sees. Who knows why, but perhaps he's just seen too many decoys and bolts. Either way, don't waste your time sitting there trying to get him to come back, because 99% of the time he will just gobble and move away.

What's the next move? Get out of there quickly, and unseen! Make another move about 200 yards away. Depending on terrain get above him if possible, or circle around him. Just make sure to get set up so he must come into a totally different place than your first encounter.

Change calls, tone, and take special care to not maintain the same cadence that you were calling with before. Let him know there is still a hen in the area that wants his company since he was hot before, and most likely he still is. Rope that Dope right back in and take him out.

Author- John Weik, Northwest Spur Chasers

Want to see a perfect example of this tactic? Head over to Northwest Spur Chasers on YouTube"Kyles Hunt from Low to High" Part 1 & 2 shows how effective it can be. Kyle had a blast experiencing the Rope-a-Dope!  


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