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My name is Charlie Smith, known as Bucklucky on most hunting forums. I am 36 years old and I am addicted to elk hunting the rut with my Bow! I have been pursuing elk since 2000 with archery equipement and have been lucky enough to hang my tag on 10 elk 6 being bulls. My biggest Rocky Mountain bull from washington is a big 6×6 scoring 370 and my biggest Cascade Roosie is a 7×6 290 bull. Calling bulls is a passion I have had for the past 12 seasons, learning as I go.

I started Rifle hunting for deer in 1989 and have killed 26 bucks, 23 being blacktails and my biggest scoring 127. I am the owner of Charlies Taxidermy wich has been in business since 1998 and I specialize in North American big game. Mounting big Bucks and Bulls are by far my favorite animals to mount.


Jason Stafford lives in Cody, Wyoming and has been bowhunting for almost 30 years. He has a deep passion for bowhunting elk and has been very successful in several states. Jason spends countless hours every year scouting and bowhunting elk. He has taken over 100 big game animals with his bow. Jason says the keys to his success are persistence, hard work, and a willingness to try new areas and tactics.

Jason works for the Cody Police Department as a Detective. He is married to his supportive wife, Jana, and has three daughters Katelind, Baylee and Ava. He loves spending time with his girls camping, fishing, shooting their bows and of course bowhunting.


I grew up in Western Washington chasing Blacktails and Roosevelt Elk, with rifle and bow. I learned early on that being a proficient caller would increase my success in the field, and it has done just that. I harvested my first Bull Elk in 2001 in Washington, and have been blessed with 11 other Bulls since then, 5 of those being over 300″. My biggest bull to date is a 359″ Cascade Roosevelt. My obsession with calling in bulls has taken me to Idaho and Montana in search of my next close encounter with screaming bulls. My passion is calling in mature bulls, but I fill in the other 11 months out of the year calling Bucks, Ducks, Turkeys, and Yotes in the shadows of the Cabinet Mountains in Libby, Montana where I live with my wife and two children. I am a full time Deputy Sheriff and a part time guide and packer in the beautiful Bob Marshall Wilderness for Montana Backcountry Outfitters.


I have been hunting since 1999 and have recorded 8 deer kills (Blacktail, Whitetail, and Mule Deer), 4 elk kills (Roosevelt), 2 bear (Black), and 8 turkeys. Nearly all of the animals were taken with a modern firearm though I’ve been working diligently to effectively bowhunt Roosevelt Elk. In the past few seasons, I’ve been hunting deep in the backcountry; exploring and scouting new areas that hold trophy class Mule Deer. Any time away from the field or office is usually spent with my wonderful wife, Brittany. I always have to thank her for being so supportive of my endeavors.

I work a full-time, 40+ hour a week job while registered as an Engineer-in-Training (EIT) and have a Bachelors of Science in Forest Engineering from Oregon State University. Overall, I’m just a regular guy who believes “the harder I work, the more luck I seem to have.”


My obsession with the outdoors was inspired by my father almost 15 years ago, and to this day it has become a huge part of my life. In that time frame I have killed 19 deer (2 whitetail, 4 mule deer, and 13 blacktail), 7 elk, 1 bear and a turkey. For most of my hunting career I have used either modern firearm or muzzleloader. I recently picked up archery hunting for elk and it’s become a new found passion. Within the past 3 years I have also began chasing turkeys and waterfowl to extend my hunting seasons. No matter the circumstances, I always manage to find a way to spend time in the outdoors. If I had to pick a specific time to be in the woods it would be a close race between: elk hunting the rut, mule deer hunting in Montana, or hunting blacktail in the late season. I have been in a relationship with my wonderful girlfriend Tarin for four years, and she couldn’t be more supportive of my addiction to the outdoors. I currently work for Lewis County Public Works in road construction.


I have been hunting since 1998. Leading up to 2003, I had only hunted blacktail deer, and it wasn’t until the fall of 2004 that my dad introduced me to chasing elk. This experience stuck with me through college, where I sat out 3 years of big game hunting to focus on school. Realizing my mistake, I began hunting wherever and whenever I could fit it in to my schedule; I picked up bow hunting to extend my seasons and give me more time in the woods. It was at this time, I started planning my life around hunting seasons.

After college, I got a job with a potato processing company in the greater Columbia basin area and currently live in Richland, WA. The first purchase I made when I relocated was a 13 cu. ft. chest freezer. Each year my priority is to fill it. Deer or elk, rifle or bow, I have made sure not to limit myself in the pursuit. I have been fortunate enough to harvest 4 blacktail deer and 2 mule deer. My only wish is that I had more vacation.


ZMA Productions is made of three ordinary guys who have a great respect and passion for Western Oregon archery hunting. Zac, Mike and Alex are the creators of what you see on this site today entitled, “The Beginning”. This has been a result of creative minds and months of hard work from our team as we use the talents and resources at hand to capture our hunts on film. The three of us combined possess years of experience in hunting Western Oregon Roosevelt elk and Blacktailed deer, and by working together we are able to share our experiences with you!

“The Beginning” is derived from the past two elk seasons, 2009 and 2010. Kicking off the 2009 season, Alex filled his elk tag as he was able to capitalize on a good Roosevelt bull elk just four days into archery season. Though he was finished with the early season, we stuck together as a team and proceeded to fill Zac and Mikes elk tags as well. Unbeknownst to us, this would open the door to a whole new passion.


James’s mother at a young age slanderously refered to him as a Huntaholic! QUIT being a word not in his vocabulary has proven her correct year in and out. Simply put James is addicted to the Outdoors. Considering himself an opportunistic hunter and proficient with all weapons he annually hunts 3 to 4 states and spends upwards of 50 days afield per year while still holding down a full time job and raising a young family. Juggling work, family, and hunting is not easy and is a year round process that James has mastered, by utilizing a strategy he calls the maximization of vacation time and putting 100% effort into everything he does!

Having hunted from the Northern reaches of Alaska, to the borders of New Mexico, he has a lifetime of adventures to share many of which he has writen about and you can even catch a glimpse of a hand full of his hunts on the Trophy State of Mind DVD. Over the years he has taken several Record book class animals including this years new WA State record Archery Mountain Goat. His favorite game to chase is the Black Bear, for their sheer toughness, deceiving speed, and the incredible country they live in (Hence the name Bearhunter). Being a true backpack hunter, spending countless days a year miles into roadless forested lands has enabled him to grow a relationship with Kifaru International and a Prostaff spot with them! He is excited about the new opportunities and what the next season holds ahead so be sure to follow him threw the testing of new gear, training, formulating plans and scouting all in preparation for the next Backcountry hunting adventure.

Oh ya did I forget to mention my name is JAMES PETKER….. AKA Chunky Adams

“The Beginning” is derived from the past two elk seasons, 2009 and 2010. Kicking off the 2009 season, Alex filled his elk tag as he was able to capitalize on a good Roosevelt bull elk just four days into archery season. Though he was finished with the early season, we stuck together as a team and proceeded to fill Zac and Mikes elk tags as well. Unbeknownst to us, this would open the door to a whole new passion.


My name is Eric Braaten…aka “Yelp” on most hunting forums. Living in Washington state my whole life I grew up with a passion for the outdoors. My father a hard working boilermaker taught me how to hunt and fish as much as he could. I am truly blessed for the opportunities that I have had. I live in Eastern Washington and love hunting everything from Quail to Elk and fishing for everything from Crappie to Salmon. I have a passion for wild turkey hunting. I love to hear that gobble first thing in the morning. I killed my first wild turkey in 1991 in the Tucannon Area. For the last 20 years I have harvested over 35 gobblers myself and called in over 50 other toms for friends and family. I completed the Washington Slam in 1998, taking a Merriam, Rio-Grande and Eastern in one season in Washington State. I also have several wild turkeys that I have harvested in the record books. I have used lots of turkey calls over the years to call in birds. I am impressed with Phelp’s turkey calls and I am excited about using them on future hunts. I live for that gobble and can’t wait for spring.


My name is Dustin Howard. I am 21 years old and from Friday harbor,WA. I am the owner of Next Level Outdoors. I started hunting elk 5 years ago. After shooting my first bull I got addicted to elk hunting and elk calling! Since that moment my passion for elk hunting is like a fire burning out of control! I compete every year in the world elk calling championships and try to enter local calling contest to perfect my calling skills for September! I couldn’t imagine elk hunting without elk calling! I’ve been fortunate to take 4 Roosevelt bulls in the last 2 years and many more in the future! I dedicate myself all year to fitness, shooting and calling! The best part about elk hunting to me is spending time with my dad as we both share out passion for elk hunting!


My name is Brian Uthmann, I have been hunting for 32 years but my interest for the outdoors started at a much younger age. Chasing Screaming Bulls in the fall has become a passion that runs deep into my veins and an obsession to say the least. Since 1998, I have been fortunate to take many Roosevelt Bulls in my adventures and a great number of Rocky Mountain Elk with my weapon of choice “Archery” and previous harvests too with a rifle… I grew up like most hunting with a rifle, but that was to fall to the side and be replaced with a bow in hand. Calling for Elk and practicing this skill all year around have been a blessing for success when pursuing the great “Wapiti”. Chasing Muley’s and Blacktails run a close second in the passion department. I have taken some great Blacktail bucks both with a bow and a rifle that reach well into the mid 100 class, and some great Muley bucks with unforgettable memories of the hunts and harvests too. Patience, mental and physical toughness, and learning from my mistakes are some areas that have given me tools for success.

I have a wonderful wife and daughter that are very understanding of my hunting addiction, and I’m thankful for it. Currently living in the Columbia River Gorge and working in the construction trade as an Electrician, foreman and business owner…