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Easiest turkey diaphragm calls for beginners!

Posted by Dirk Durham on
Phelps X MeatEater turkey calls and PDO call organizer

We get a lot of questions every year from new turkey hunters about- “What are the easiest diaphragm calls for a beginner to use”? With the wide variety we offer there’s no surprise that picking out a diaphragm can be daunting.


You may see advanced callers using diaphragms with multiple layers of latex and crazy looking cuts, making raspy hen yelps. As sexy as those raspy calls look and sound, they’re not necessary to call a wise old gobbler into shotgun range.


Single and double latex diaphragms are by far the easiest to get sounds out of, while the triple layered calls with cuts will take a little more air and finesse to master. Why are there so many options for diaphragms? Turkey calls have evolved over the decades in response to callers wanting more versatility out of their calls. Moving from single latex models, to multiple layers with different cuts, offer subtle differences for the most discerning caller. Each different cut allows for an array of specialized sounds, for different callers. Some folks need a “Bat Wing” style to accomplish their preferred sounds, where other callers want a “Split V”, and yet others prefer a combination of the two. Regardless of your preference, Phelps Game Calls offers a wide variety of cuts to satisfy any turkey hunter’s calling desires, including the "Chris Parrish signature line”, Steve Rinella’s- “Jake Brake” and Janis Putelis’- “Latvian Eagle” MeatEater line.  


We recommend the following calls for new callers:

·      Straight Deuce

·      Casper

·      Sassy Split V-Split


These three calls will be easy to learn how to use, and more than capable of articulating a wide range of turkey vocalizations.


Looking for an AMP frame turkey call, like what our popular line of elk calls offer? Pick out a few, like the “Pitch Black”, "Maverick", and the "Smith signature". Because after all, back in the day elk diaphragms were inspired by turkey diaphragm calls and these are more than capable of crisp yelps, purrs and cuts.

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