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Best Elk Calls for Beginners

Posted by Dirk Durham on
Best Elk Calls for Beginners
We get a ton of emails and DM's asking about- "What calls would you recommend for a beginner elk hunter"?
We like to recommend the following diaphragm calls, and here's why: 
  • Black Amp- Light Latex
  • Grey Amp- Medium Latex 
  • Maverick- Thick Latex
We like these calls for beginners because they offer 3 vastly different latex thicknesses, and how the latex is stretched on each style. Everyone usually has a unique way of blowing on a diaphragm elk call. Some really blow hard, while others blow soft. 
Thin Latex
Thin latex lends itself to a very easy blowing call. It won't take much air pressure passing between your tongue and latex to make elk sounds. Thin latex  usually won't stand up as well during hard elk calling scenarios, as it performs better with a little finesse. Being so light the call is easily over blown by aggressive callers and can wear prematurely. Some folks want this kind of call because they blow the call softer than their buddy, or they like to make more delicate elk vocalizations. 
Medium Latex
Medium latex are in some of our most popular calls. The thicker latex coupled with a little tighter stretch will withstand a little more aggressive calling, where the caller will push a little more air across the reed than soft callers. As the latex gets thicker, it becomes more durable as well. 
Thick Latex 
Our most aggressive callers prefer thick latex and a tight stretch. To withstand hard calling for both longevity and tonal quality, nothing stands up like thick latex. That being said, we have a ton of beginners who prefer thick and tight latex calls. 
With the three diaphragm elk calls I recommended above, you will have a solid introduction to our calls and from there you can fine tune your preferences a little if you want to experiment with other calls with similar latex thickness and stretch. 
Check out our Elk Call Matrix to see the other calls we offer and where they fit in to our line up. 

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