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MeatEater x Phelps Turkey Collection

"If you're new to turkey hunting, we have everything you need to get you started in the turkey woods. If you're a seasoned pro, I think you'll find that these are among the finest calls you've ever touched."

Steve Rinella
Steve Rinella

Box, Friction & Locator Calls

Box Turkey Call Front Box Turkey Call Back

Box Call

Box calls should look good and sound great. This box pairs a beautiful purpleheart lid with a solid walnut body designed for creating raspy old hen sounds that will pull a wily old tom right into your lap—no matter how far away he is. Best of all, even beginner turkey hunters will find it easy to use.
Crystal Over Slate Turkey Call Front Crystal Over Slate Turkey Call Back

Crystal Over Slate Pot Call

Once the handcrafted Crystal/Slate pot call has been prepped and tuned, it will coax in the most call-shy turkeys in damn near any conditions. The walnut pot, crystal surface, slate soundboard, and hickory-tipped striker join to make realistic clucks, purrs, and high-pitched, two-tone yelps.
Slate Over Glass Turkey Call Front Slate Over Glass Turkey Call Back

Slate Over Glass Pot Call

When it comes to versatile, out-of-the box performance, it’s hard to beat a good Slate/Glass call. Slate naturally produces subtle tones for soft, sweet purrs and clucks while the premium glass allows you to transition to sharp, double note yelps. If you are looking for one turkey call that does it all, this is it!
Crow Call Front Crow Call in Woods

Crow Call

Sometimes, damn near any loud noise will make a turkey shock-gobble. But when it comes to consistently locating old rope draggers, nothing seems to get them stirred up faster than a loud Crow Call. So, we made this one as loud as we could. Designed with an acrylic body and tone boards, this call will produce enough volume to get gobblers in the next county hammering back at you.
System Accessories

Diaphragm Calls

3 Pack Turkey Calls 3 Pack Turkey Calls on Burlap

3-Pack Diaphragm Turkey Calls | MeatEater X Phelps

Still haven’t established a favorite type of diaphragm call? Lucky for you, this three-pack is loaded with Steve’s, Janis’s, and MeatEater’s choice calls. Featuring varying volume levels and three different types of reeds, you’ll have the chance to see what works best for you in the turkey woods.
Easy Clucker Turkey Call Easy Clucker Turkey Call

Easy Clucker Turkey Call

This call is the ticket for both beginners and those who have historically struggled with diaphragms. With a ghost cut out of the reed’s center, you can easily master great medium-range raspy tones and kee-kees.