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Late season turkey calling tactics

Posted by Dirk Durham on
Late season turkey calling tactics

Dang it man! The turkey season opener is long gone. “Birds are shot up, and they have all been educated.” Might as well go mow the lawn and paint the fence instead of taking in after an old gobbler this weekend…… Wrong. DEAD WRONG.  Late season can be deadly.

Opening day may have been weeks ago, there’s still some darn good turkey hunting to be had. In fact, it can be more productive to focus your time hunting during mid-morning through the end of the day, rather than first light.

When hens are nesting (which is a period that is about 28 days in length) toms will still be out and about looking for love. These toms will be on the prowl, covering some ground looking for hens that aren’t nesting and will be receptive to breeding. Sometimes you will find them feeding and or strutting with other toms during the midday hours and late afternoon. Identifying these areas and setting up close to call can pay big dividends.

If you’re hunting some of the western states, you may find that in higher elevations where turkey densities aren’t as strong, later season can produce some fantastic calling action as the snow melts in these places.

Springtime is truly special, and it sure feels good to get out on those warm, sunny days to enjoy chasing gobbles and maybe even finding a wild mushroom or two.


Regardless of your calling proficiency, Phelps has you covered with our full lineup of diaphragms, box calls, pot calls, and crow calls. Pick a few and let us know how they worked for you in the turkey woods!  

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