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MeatEater X Phelps Turkey Call 3 Pack Diaphragm


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Steven Rinella’s Jake Brake

Using a combo-cut reed, this call achieves the raspy sounds of an old hen while also retaining the ability to soft-talk. This call has been the easiest for Steve to master and has become his absolute go-to. It’s sure to give you more confidence with a mouth call as well. Volume level is medium.


Janis Putelis’ Latvian Eagle

Janis’ friend and turkey whisperer, Guy Zuck, introduced him to the “chunk-cut reed.” It allows you to get loud and raspy with the overhanging reed but also make a very clean note with the opposite side of the call when you need it. Janis often uses this call as a locator to make extremely loud cuts and yelps. Thicker latex creates a longer lasting, sturdier call that stands up to many high volume calling sequences. Volume level is medium to loud.


MeatEater’s Loud and Clear

The hybrid V-cut design of this call is very user friendly, producing medium-volume raspy sounds with ease. The perfect tone and note quality of this diaphragm rounds out the MeatEater collection, covering all the bases. Volume level is medium.


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