Turkey Calls


Each Call is hand turned and tuned to insure the best sounding and best looking turkey calls made. (call colors may vary from picture)

Note: Tape color and latex color are subject to change.

Rippin Red Turkey Diaphragm Call

Rippin’ Red Diaphragm

(Triple reed with a unique V cut that allows the call to be played clean to raspy)

Green Viper Turkey Diaphragm Call

Green Viper Diaphragm

(Triple reed that features a unique Snake tongue cut)

Casper Turkey Diaphragm Call

Casper Diaphragm

(5 reed ghost cut, great for kee-kees and all other turkey vocalizations (It can also be used for an Elk Bugle reed, shhhhh))

Black Bat Turkey Diaphragm Call

Black Bat Diaphragm

(Triple reed that features a batwing cut on the top reed and a undercut on the second reed for extra rasp)

Sassy Split V Turkey Diaphragm Call

Sassy Split V Diaphragm

(reed with the Standard Split-V cut, User friendly and raspy)

Straight Duece Diaphragm Turkey Call

Straight Duece Diaphragm

(An easy to use double reed)

Turkey Diaphragm Pack – 6 Mouth Calls

(This 6 pack turkey calls will provide all of the sounds and tones you could ever ask for in a set of turkey calls)

Glass Slate Phelps Game Calls Turkey Slate

Glass/Glass and Glass/Slate

(Made with high grade Black Walnut this pot covers everything between soft purrs and loud yelps)


Check back next winter for the ’14 turkey pot calls.

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  • Ryan dean

    I heard you on the meat eater podcast. My 10 year old son and I are gonna go turkey hunting this fall after potatoe harvest is done. It was really cool to hear you talk about your calls. I’m gonna order the 6 pack this week. Thanks for all the hard work and good luck in the future. Hope you find some help making all those calls.


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